Mists of Pandaria – Pet Battles

The last few days I have played around with the new pet battles system that is now in place on the Beta server. It’s much more fun than I expected to be honest. It is turn based, but you can use multiple pets for one battle. I made a small video of the first two pet battle quests, as you can see below.

Mist clears up

Thanks to the press event Blizzard did last week, we got an overload on news on Mists of Pandara ! I already liked the idea of Pandas (unlike a lot of other people), but it seems to get better and better. There will be seven new zones to quest in. Pet battles, farming, and one of the things that might be the most fun: scenarios.

Since I am in a small guild, we usually don’t have the classic tank, healer and dps setup online to do guild instance runs and the like. But in scenarios, you don’t really need that setup. Also you can queue for them from what I heard so far, so if there isn’t anyone on you can still do those and be rewarded with valour points etc.

Head on over to wowinsider or wowheadnews and check out all the news !

Hunter changes

Quite a few hunter changes for the better lately made me want to play morphea again ! All my pets are now the same level as I am and when I would tame a new one, he would be the same level as well ! No more annoying pet leveling. Also feeding now just heals the pet, which is nice. The happiness thing was marginalised anyway, so why not get rid of it all together.

My pet cat got a new skin once again. Boris started off as a white sabre tooth from Winterspring, back in Vanilla. Then he gained some black stripes, I think in TBC or in Wrath. Now he’s got a bluesish skin and mane, and more fearsome teeth !

Morphea and Boris

Morphea and Boris

Deepholme Dailies

Yes, I am still playing. And according to Raptr, it’s still my most played game. I am basically popping in with one of my characters for an hour or so. Do some dailies, one or two pvp matches or a quest chain of some sort.

The Deepholme Dailies are nice enough to do every now and then. There is a nice overview over here ! Not a big fan of the Tol Barad ones. Usually a bit too crowded and a bit too annoying !

Before The Shattering

Since I play on the european server, the Shattering will happen wednesday early. I took the opportunity the last few days during the Elemental attack to say Farewell to the old world that we have come to love and sometimes hate, the past six years. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I made the journey from ThunderBluff to Crossroads in the dark with all these scary monsters around me. Since then I met a lot of friends, some stayed with me all the way to Dalaran. Others fell behind :(.

Thanks old world for all the good memories !